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Basic recovery gear and tools

•  Basic hand tools (screwdrivers, wrench/ plier set, socket set both SAE     and Metric)
•  Bailing wire
•  Duct tape
•  Zip ties
•  Electrical splices, fuses and black tape
•  GPS
•  Jumper cables

   Keep up with your trail gear.

   Clean and inspect your equipment.

   Trail and Recovery gear Essentials 

•  Gloves

•  First aid kit

•  Flashlight
•  Knife
•  Air compressor or CO2 tank (includes hoses and tire gauge)
•  Winch (rated at least 1.5-2X the weight of your Jeep)
•  Spare D-ring or shackle/soft shackles
•  Tow strap (20-30 feet and at least 2X the weight of your Jeep)
•  Recovery (snatch, kinetic) strap (20-30 feet and at least 3-4X the              weight of your Jeep)
•  Tree strap
•  Snatch block (at least or greater rating than your winch line)
•  Shovel
•  Hi-lift jack/Bottle Jack
•  Axe/foldable saw
•  Tie downs, ratchet straps and bungee cords
•  Fire Extinguisher/ Element Fire 

•  Hand towels, toilet paper, wet towels or rags
•  Extra fuel
•  Extra water
•  Land anchor
•  Mud/snow/sand ramps
•  CB radio (no license required)
•  HAM radio (must be FCC licensed)
•  Extra oils/fluids (motor, transmission, differential, WD-40, brake)
•  Tarp or Utility blanket
•  Bug out bag (MRE, matches, whistle, blanket, spare cloths, pen/paper      etc.…)
•  Trash bags
•  550 Paracord
•  Tire repair kit
•  Extra fan belt
•  Come-along
•  4x4 blocks of wood
•  Tire chocks
•  JB Weld, Gasket maker

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