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Black Ops

SDJC has an elite group of Jeepers that have been selected by the board of directors, to  provide club members with the best off-road experience . This crew is made up of highly motivated individuals that have shown a love and dedication to our club. Each Black Ops member has been selected because they bring a skill set to the table that allows them to contribute to club runs in various ways. They help organize and execute our trail plan, and ensure that all members are and their rigs get on and off trail in a safe and organized manner.   These folks are the life blood of the San Diego Jeep Club!


Black Ops Leader

I was introduced to off-roading when I was kid going on surf trips to Baja. I loved going down dirt roads in search of waves and camping spots, it always felt like a big adventure.


When we got our first Jeep, we had no idea how much it would impact our lives. Being a part of the off-road Jeep community has taken us to new places and we have met many good friends along the way. Years later that feeling of adventure is still there and sharing with others what we have learned makes the journey even more special.

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