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Plaster City OHV 2024

The first run of 2024 is in the books.


After our drivers meeting where we recognized 4 of our New Black Ops members we loaded into our Jeeps and headed to the trailhead off of Evans Highway. We headed North toward the beautiful Painted Gorge on Painted Gorge Road where we then transferred onto a trail going through some of the mud hills before turning onto an established washed out trail where we found our main obstacle of the trail was a three hill climb and descents with some blind approaches. After the obstacle we entered the flats of Plaster City OHV. Then, dropped into the wash for our lunch stop. After lunch we headed Southwest in the wash and exited on a trail that lead south towards the Plaster Factory and exited on Old Evan’s Highway to finish off back at our start point to air up and head off our separate ways.

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