Mission Statement: 
Bringing together new and seasoned Jeepers to educate and promote safe and responsible off-roading.

San Diego Jeep Club is a premier community social Jeep club which was founded in September 2013.  We are a community of Jeepers dedicated to encouraging those new to Jeeping in safe and responsible use or our off-road trails (Tread Lightly).  If you are new to Jeeping then we are the group for you.  

We do not have any dues, simply show up and follow these rules.

  • Have a 4WD Jeep in good working condition.  After all, we are a Jeep club.  This also helps the club help you because we are familiar with your vehicle and it’s capabilities.

  • Have a good attitude toward your fellow Jeepers and trail users.

  • Bring your family and friends.

  • Stay on trail and pack out what you pack in.

  • Have a GMRS or Ham radio.  It is important that we be able to communicate with each other on the trail.  If you are licensed HAM operated that will work as well.

  • NO alcohol or drug use while on the trail. ​

  • All passengers must be at least 2 years old and able to control head movement.

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