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Mission Statement: 
Bringing together new and seasoned Jeepers to educate and promote
safe and responsible off-roading.

San Diego Jeep Club is a premier community social Jeep club which was founded in September 2013.  We are a community of Jeepers dedicated to encouraging those new to Jeeping in safe and responsible use or our off-road trails (Tread Lightly).  If you are new to Jeeping then we are the group for you.  

We do not have any dues, simply Like our FaceBook page Answer our questions and show up and follow these rules.

  • Have a 4WD Jeep in good working condition.  After all, we are a Jeep club.  This also helps the club help you because we are familiar with your vehicle and it’s capabilities.

  • Have a good attitude toward your fellow Jeepers and trail users.

  • Bring your family and friends.

  • Stay on trail and pack out what you pack in. We are a Tread Lightly Club

  • Have a GMRS Channel 16 or Ham radio Channel 146.415.  It is important that we be able to communicate with each other on the trail.  If you are licensed HAM operated that will work as well.

  • NO alcohol or drug use while on the trail. ​

  • All passengers must be at least 2 years old and able to control head movement.

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