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Welcome to The San Diego Jeep Club

We are a mature, easygoing, and level-headed group of Jeep enthusiasts. We are a group of guys & gals that run everything from easy overland adventures to moderately aggressive trails.  If you want to hangout and meet some cool and awesome individuals, while getting you and your Jeep into an adventure, then the San Diego Jeep Club may be the right fit for you.


So, are you asking yourself how do you become a member?

Becoming a member of SDJC is easy, we simply ask that when

you join us at our runs and events that you:


1) Have a Jeep in excellent working order

2) Have a CB Radio for when we hit the trails

3) Have an excellent attitude when hanging with your fellow Jeep People!


That's it, told you it was easy! SDJC is proud to be a "Just For Fun" Club. There are no monthly dues, no mandatory meetings and no fees to pay! We look forward to seeing you out on the trail.

Featured Media

Upgrading the Brakes

Powerstop has a Heavy Duty Break kit with drilled and slotted rotors and heavy duty carbon-ceramic brake pads. The option with the OEM powder coated red calipers were a nice touch.


Stopping your Jeep, priceless!


J.W Speaker is a leader in LED Lighting industry and the SDJC Project Build got a much needed upgraded with headlights, tail lights and A-Pillar driving lights.

Jeep to be seen!


Don't Jeep in the dark!

Wheeling at night?

Wheeling at night is an adventure in itself, however the setting of the sun brings some additional challenges even for the seasoned off-roader. Our buddy TrailRecon does a great job laying out the  details for night wheeling.

What you need to know....

Top 5 Reasons to by a JL

If you are not yet a Jeep owner or looking to upgrade to Jeep latest version of the Wrangler, ET breaks down their top 5 reasons to purchase the new JL (as if you really needed a reason for freedom!). Jeep really put a tremendous amount of thought into the JL and have made some significant improvements over the prior versions. Existing Jeep Wrangler owners may be jealous of some of these upgrades. Check it out and you'll see what I mean!

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