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June 10th

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Trimming OEM Rock Rails

Tips for Wheeling

My Medic Kit

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We are a mature, easygoing, and level-headed group of Jeep enthusiasts. We are a group of guys & gals that run everything from easy overland adventures to moderately aggressive trails.  If you want to hangout and meet some cool and awesome individuals, while getting you and your Jeep into an adventure, then the San Diego Jeep Club may be the right fit for you.


When upgrading the wheels to a larger size, you may get some rubbing from the OEM rock rails as they seem to be a bit long towards the rear of the Jeep. Time for a trim!


Quick fix to get some room

A good club will do a lot of planning, pre run the trail and ensure they post the level of difficulty of the trail and minimum vehicle requirements ahead of the run, make sure you get that information before heading out

What you need to know....

The MyFAK - My First Aid Kit is adaptive and functional .This First Aid Kit can be used in anywhere from a day at the park, backpacking adventure, or off-road in your Jeep.


Jeep prepared!







Check out this rig!

Brad from TrailRecon had attented Overland Expo 2017. He had the pleasure of meeting the owner from Exploration Outfitters and taking a close up look of their latest American Safari JXL bolt on kit for a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited. Being able to sleep in your Jeep by just popping up the roof tent on a trail and having that extra 15" would be very convent!

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