We are fortunate to have an emerging producer in off-road filming with TrailRecon recording our epic adventures. These videos are you're front row seat and the next best thing to actually being there! We will be rotating these videos out frequently, so make sure to stop back to check out the updates, who knows you might even see a Jeep you know!

Valley of the Moons

Red Canyon Jeep Trail

In this episode we met up with some of our closest wheeling buddies near the California and Mexico board, gave our rigs a once over, had a short drivers meeting and got ready for what would be an amazing day of wheeling

We put together this event with new Jeepers in mind. These trails we were running today are great overland trails, a couple small obstacles in the beginning however nothing really technical, an easy day trip to enjoy the open air, blue skies and the desert flower super bloom.


Mojave Road trail

Achey Breaky

The Mojave Road was beyond expectations. Truly, we envisioned this road to be open and desolate, but the terrain was ever changing, the scenery was amazing and with the crazy Thunderstorms, things got interesting.

Heartbreak Ridge was a great trail. It begins at the Cactus Flats Staging Area and then travels a few miles down Smarts Ranch or 3N03. 3N03 is a very easy dirt road that travels through a mixture of Joshua Trees and Pine Tree. Then we turned off onto Arraste Creek or 2N02 and the terrain started to get fun.

How-To & Review Videos

Here you will find our How-To videos and Jeep and Off-Road Product reviews. We will be rotating these videos often so be sure to stop back and check out the new content. If you have suggestion on videos you want to see, let us know info@sdjc.rocks

NOTE: The below videos are for entertainment purposes only. No warranty, support or guarantee is assumed or implied by the San Diego Jeep Club.  Think first! Always be smart and be safe when working on your rig!

DIY Oil Change (3.6L)

Light'em Up!

Changing the oil on your rig could seem a bit intimidating at first, especially if you have never done it before. In this video we show you the process for changing out your oil on the 3.6L Jeep model engine. It is quick, easy and can save you a few bucks as well.

If you go off-roading when the sun goes down, installing rock lights on your Jeep may be a good idea. LUX LED Rock lights allow your spotter to easily see and provide you direction on where to place your wheels when traversing some of the more difficult obstacles. and yeah, they look great too!

Cut JK OEM Fender Flares

Replace OEM Slipboot

You often see Jeeps with fender modifications. This typically provides the wheels with a bit more up travel than you would get with the factory Jeep fenders. In this video you'll see how you can leave your factory fenders in place and cut them to allow for more flexibility with the axle and more room for larger tires

If you go rock crawling sooner or later you are going to rip the slip boot on your factory rear driveshaft. This boot acts as a protection barrier keeping out debris from getting into your drive shaft. Here you will see how to remove your rear drive shaft from the axle, re-grease the axle shaft and install a new slip boot.

Under Armor Up!

ARB Air Compressor

In this video we take a close up look of the EVO ProTek Skid plate and show you how to install it on a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited. We were very impressed with the build quality of this skid plate and it’s going to be a nice under armor addition to the Jeep.

This is ARB’s CKMA 12 compressor and we installed it under the hood of my Jeep Wrangler. I also got ARB’s inflation tire accessory kit that comes with a hose and connectors, ARB’s tire inflator and EVO’s compressor mount that is specific for a Jeep JK. The installation was quick and easy and took just over and hour and a half with basic hand tools.


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