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Welcome to the new San Diego Jeep Amateur Radio Club (ARC). The San Diego Jeep-ARC was developed to help promote the proper use and enjoyment with our hobby (Jeeps and Ham radio’s). Communications on the trail or camping is a must when we are in remote location here in southern California and beyond.  This page is a reference to resources that San Diego Jeep Club uses to help club members get licensed as an amateur radio operator and/or frequencies we use on the trail or out camping.















**Disclaimer- San Diego Jeep Club (SDJC) or San Diego Jeep-ARC does not promote the use of operating a ham radio without the proper license. It is up to the operator of the radio to be sure you are FCC compliant and operating within your class of license. **

In the near future we will set up a base station in which we can utilize our club call sign and you will be able to reach us on camping trips.



Phonetic and Morse Code Alphabet


































2 Meter Simplex Frequencies

146.400, 146.415, 146.430, 146.445, 146.460, 146.475, 146.490, 146.505, 146.535, 146.550, 146.565, 146.580, 146.595, 147.405, 147.420, 147.435, 147.450, 147.465, 147.480, 147.495, 147.510, 147.525, 147.540, 147.555, 147.570, 147.585


2 Meter Band Plan

2 Meters (144-148 MHz)

144.00-144.05 EME (CW)

144.05-144.10 General CW and weak signals

144.10-144.20 EME and weak-signal SSB

144.200 National calling frequency

144.200-144.275 General SSB operation

144.275-144.300 Propagation beacons

144.30-144.50 New OSCAR subband

144.50-144.60 Linear translator inputs

144.60-144.90 FM repeater inputs

144.90-145.10 Weak signal and FM simplex (145.01,03,05,07,09 are widely used for packet)

145.10-145.20 Linear translator outputs

145.20-145.50 FM repeater outputs

145.50-145.80 Miscellaneous and experimental modes

145.80-146.00 OSCAR subband

146.01-146.37 Repeater inputs

146.40-146.58 Simplex

146.52 National Simplex Calling Frequency

146.61-146.97 Repeater outputs

147.00-147.39 Repeater outputs

147.42-147.57 Simplex

147.60-147.99 Repeater inputs


70CM Simplex Frequencies

445.9125, 445.9250, 445.9375, 445.9500, 445.9625, 445.9750, 445.9875, 446.0000,

446.0125, 446.0250, 446.0375, 446.0500, 446.0625, 446.0750, 446.0875, 446.1000,

446.1125, 446.1250, 446.1375, 446.1500, 446.1625, 446.1750

Note: 446.000 is the National FM Voice Simplex Calling Frequency


70CM Band Plan

70 Centimeters (420-450 MHz)

420.00-426.00 ATV repeater or simplex with 421.25 MHz video carrier control links and experimental

426.00-432.00 ATV simplex with 427.250-MHz video carrier frequency

432.00-432.07 EME (Earth-Moon-Earth)

432.07-432.10 Weak-signal CW

432.10 70-cm calling frequency

432.10-432.30 Mixed-mode and weak-signal work

432.30-432.40 Propagation beacons

432.40-433.00 Mixed-mode and weak-signal work

433.00-435.00 Auxiliary/repeater links

435.00-438.00 Satellite only (internationally)

438.00-444.00 ATV repeater input with 439.250-MHz video carrier frequency and repeater links

442.00-445.00 Repeater inputs and outputs (local option)

445.00-447.00 Shared by auxiliary and control links, repeaters and simplex (local option)

446.00 National simplex frequency

447.00-450.00 Repeater inputs and outputs (local option)



Links and Resources

For those that would like to get an amateur radio license a great place to start is If you would like to study for your exam go to for practice test (paid option). Two excellent free options are and After you have studied and feel you are ready to take the exam go to or to find a location for the next exam. Prior to taking the amateur radio license, you will need to obtain an FRN number from the FCC. That is available here:


If studying online is not your thing you can take a one day class here but you will need to contact J. Goldberg at prior to attending any of his classes.  SDJC uses both CB and amateur VHF simplex channels to communicate on the trail. We use CB for general conversations and VHF simplex channels for run leaders to communicate on the trail/event. For all frequency band plans please visit


Other good references to ham related topics and good source to all things ham are, and these sites provide news about the hobby, chat boards, and list items for sale by other amateurs. Another great site for items for sale is


San Diego has a Ham Radio Outlet which is an excellent local source for radio equipment and supplies. Check them out at They are conveniently located at 5375 Kearny Villa Road in San Diego (Clairemont off of the I-15). They have a broad inventory of equipment available for purchase and many types of radios already set up in a demonstration area for you to try out. Their staff is friendly and knowledgeable and take great care of new amateur radio operators.


SDJC  Working Trail Channels

Group A

CB channel 23

HAM-Simplex 146.415 (SM6415)

Group B

CB Channel 33

HAM-Simplex 147.405 (SM7405)

Group C

CB Channel 13

HAM-Simplex  147.570 (SM7570)

SDJC and SDJ-ARC Board\Station Operators

President - Joe C. -KK6IBL

Board Member - John M. - KK6OXN

Board Member - Scot W. - ask for CS

SDJ-ARC Trustee- Jason C. - W3JEP

Board Member-Quinton R. –KS1DUS

Board Member- John G. -ask for CS

Board Member- Charlie W. –ask for CS

Ham Coordinator- Dirk R-N6SUN

Interested in Joining Us on the Trail or Just Have Questions? Contact Us -

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